GST Invoice India (as per HSN code)

Welcome to a new era of taxation in India. The Government of India has rolled out the Goods and Service Tax (GST) from 1st July 2017, which is also being called the “Good and Simple Tax”.

Considering the vast coverage and sweeping changes, GST invites a lot of queries and confusions in the minds of many businessmen – This is quite understandable. Various tax and technology professionals are working day in and day out to facilitate the change-over to GST.

This is our humble attempt, where in we are providing a simple FREE online beta-version tool to “Create GST Invoice”. Anyone can register and within minutes, start making invoices for goods and services, which can be printed and saved/stored. And one can get the consolidated summary reports for IGST, CGST, SGST, UTGST, etc.

We invite you to go through the Video Tutorials, and try the Free GST Invoice tool.

Please give us your feedback, so that we can make it a more robust tool. Feel free to email us any updates/errors that you notice, esp. related to the GST rate for the HSN codes or for the Services. Please go through the terms, disclaimer, copyrights, IPR, privacy, etc.  before using the tool.

With the rules and GST rates getting updated periodically, “GST Invoice India (as per HSN code) – by Simext” shall try and update the system accordingly.

The new taxation system is being welcomed by the business community, looking at the simplicity, ease of compliance and long term benefits, or should we say “the easy flow of business”. We appreciate and respect the efforts that have gone in over the years to get all the stakeholders into a common platform / consensus.

The GST Invoice software tool has been built by Simext Technologies Pvt. Ltd., a company that specializes in  “Simplifying the Supply Chain”. Simext is currently focused on Web & Mobile based IT solutions for SCM (Supply Chain Management), which includes   WMS / Warehouse Management System,   Advanced Inventory Control,   HHT & Barcode tracking,   RFID traceability,   TMS / Transportation & Logistics,   3PL,   end-to-end Retail Management,   Manufacturing & PPC / Production Planning,   Dynamic Production Scheduling,   ERP and   Integrated CRM. Its flexible integration engine facilitates   seamless integration   with e-commerce / ERP / accounting software, and also integrating with hardware device / equipment / etc.


A Sample Invoice created using the tool is shown below:


Invoices using - IGST, CGST, SGST, UTGST invoices, how to create
Invoices using – IGST, CGST, SGST, UTGST invoices, how to create