About us

Simext is a company that specializes in “Simplifying the Supply Chain”

Our Web & Mobile based Integrated Supply Chain Solutions cater to end-to-end requirements of Supply Chain spanning warehousing, logistics, shipping, 3PL, vendor management, manufacturing execution, dynamic production planning, procurement management, transportation, retail management, inventory control, customer relationship.

Simext extends the dimensions of partnership, while providing IT products and solutions that can support various businesses and society, in realizing their goals.

A company committed to develop simple, useful and efficient IT products, tools and solutions; so as to deliver effective business solutions. A company that thrives on applying technology to ensure one “Simple” aspect – The objectives of its clients are met.

Simext’s current focus is on Web & Mobile based SCM (Supply Chain Management) IT solutions, which includes

  • Warehouse Management System (WMS)
  • Advanced Inventory Planning and Control
  • HHT and Barcode Tracking, RFID Traceability
  • Transportation and Logistics (TMS)
  • 3PL: Third Party Logistics
  • end-to-end Retail Management
  • PPC / Production Planning, Dynamic Production Scheduling
  • Manufacturing Execution System (MES)
  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Easy to use / deploy: One has the option to   “Pay as you use” (SaaS) option i.e. Subscribe monthly to what you need     OR     another option is to “Install in your own servers” (on-premise)

The SaaS option (monthly subscription fee) ensures    Minimal capital investment in infrastructure, software, hardware and maintenance)


The integrated systems are ready solutions that one can start working on immediately. An off the shelf / out of the box system might meet one’s needs or it may require configurations / customizations.

The systems are customizable as per unique / ground-level specific requirements of an organization. A customized solution is drawn out based on the processes and workflow as is followed by the organization.


Our Forte

Our Team:
Mix of professionals, who can quickly understand / analyze business requirements, map it to optimum solutions, and use domain expertise, project management skills and technical competence to deliver business value.

While serving the clients worldwide, the professionals at Simext thrive on learning and applying next generation technology quickly and effectively. This passion for new technologies is balanced by adopting a pragmatic approach to ensure that we maximize the value delivered to our customers.

Our Simplicity:
Ensuring simplicity to enhance effectiveness; whether it is the solution delivered to our customers, or the communication with our business constituents, or applying the processes to ascertain smooth execution.

Our Commitment:
Our commitment to all our business constituents to “Simply” “Extend” “The” “Dimensions” to build a synergistic ecosystem.